Kyu Exam Requirements

Requirements for Kyu Promotion

The examination system in Aikido is not structured on competition. You will be graded on the following points.

  • Your understanding of basic technique appropriate to your level.
  • Your spontaneous movement and response appropriate for the attack.
  • Your ability to adapt your movement to the force of the attack.
  • The concentration and awareness you maintain throughout the examination.
  • Continuity of movement is important, not speed.
  • Confidence and courage are important, not ego.
  • Be prepared to ukefor someone else of your same level during the examination period. You will be graded

        on your ukemi.


A technique should be demonstrated continuously both right and left until there is a signal to stop. Both irimi and tenkan movement should be used whenever applicable. You will be expected to know and respond to the Japanese terms. It is necessary to have completed the required number of days of training (each training day counts once, regardless of number of hours, in computing time requirements) and it is necessary that the waiting period between each examination has expired.



Rokyu (30 days / 3 months)

  • Tenkan and tenkan ukemi
  • Shomenuchi ikkyo and iriminage
  • Munetsuki kotegaeshi
  • Katate dori shihonage
  • Yokomenuchi shihonage
  • Kokyu tanden ho


Gokyu (60 days / 4 months): All previous techniques plus

  • Shomenuchi nikyo
  • Kata dori ikkyo and nikyo
  • Munetsuki kaitennage
  • Kumitachi and Kumijo #1


Yonkyu (60 days / 4 months): All previous techniques plus

  • Shomenuchi sankyo and yonkyo
  • Yokomenuchi ikkyo, kotegaeshi and


  • Ryote dori tenchinage and shihonage
  • Katate dori ryote mochi kokyu tanden ho
  • Kumitachi and Kumijo #1 and 2


Sankyu (70 days / 4 months): All previous techniques plus

  • Ushiro ryokata dori ikkyo
  • Ushiro ryote dori shihonage
  • Ushiro kubi shime kotegaeshi
  • Ushiro waza kokyunage
  • Ukemi/Tobu ukemi demonstration
  • Kumitachi and Kumijo #1 through 3


Nikyu (80 days / 6 months): All previous techniques plus

  • Yokomenuchi nikyo, sankyo, and yonkyo
  • Koshinage from shomenuchi, katate dori, yokomenuchi, and munetsuki
  • Hanmi handachi:
    • Katate dori shihonage
    • Ryote dori shihonage
  • Suwariwaza:
    • Shomenuchi ikkyo
    • Kata dori ikkyo
    • Yokomenuchi ikkyo
  • Kumitachi and Kumijo #1 through 4


Ikkyu (90 days / 6 months): All previous techniques plus

  • Jiyu waza:
    • Standing
    • Hanmi handachi
    • Suwariwaza
  • Tanto dori:
    • Munetsuki
    • Shomenuchi
    • Yokomenuchi
  • Kumitachi and Kumijo #1 through 5




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