Signing up for our Hopeful Membership

Thank you for considering supporting the dojo during these challenging times. Our hope is to position ourselves for fast rebound into a new dojo space.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for selecting and singing up for our new Hopeful Membership or Kibo-Teki during our pandemic closure time.  

Before diving into the details, few notes: 

  • You will need to select the beginning of the next month as the membership start date. This will avoid the system calculating a pro-rate charge.
  • There is a bug in the payment method button that requires you click "manual payment", and then back to your payment card. 
  • For those generous few who would like to donate more to sustain the dojo during the pandemic (thank you!), please just send Leif a note and he can adjust the dues amount to your preference. 


  1. Log into your dojo account  -
  2. Select Add Membership from the main window. Note that we will be canceling all current general memberships for you before July 1st. Give us a few days to remove these on our side, as members are unable to do so through their portal.
  3. Select Kibo-Teki: Hopeful Membership. The next steps will change the start date and debug the payment button.
  4. Change the start date to July 1st 2020
  5. Click on Manual Payment to debug the button
  6. Click on your payment card
  7. Select Add Membership, and you are done!


Welcome to Bozeman Aikido! If you are interested in joining our Aiki community, fill out the information below and we will be in contact with you rather shortly!

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